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Elnorah Dooka

Montlafi Elnorah Räber

Montlafi is full of effervescence and passion. As a long time star of South African long musicals such as Ipi-Tombi, Africa Africa and African Footprint, she is now on a solo career. With her charismatic voice, she fascinates her audience with the classical, soul, South African traditional and contemporary songs.

Born and raised in Soweto, Montlafi has come a long way to be where she is now. She only danced her way through childhood, starting at the age of 12, but she also holds a Diploma as a Dental Surgery Assistant. She gained her dancing Diploma from Audrey Kings school of Ballet and made her way onto numerous television adverts such as: Coca Cola, Liquid Fruit, Rama, Tastic Rice and many more educational programmes that were aired on SABC1,2,3 and Bop TV.

Montlafi started singing in church and later was a chorus line in the production Ipi Tombi that toured 1st Israel, USA and Europe for six years. She also performed in London at the Queens Theatre, then later was asked to sing to Prince Charles.

Montlafi took part in numerous promotions which include "Rumba in the jungle World Competition, Global Awards". She was discovered by Ivor Jones in Sun City who told her to take her singing into consideration. After 3 years in Sun City, she joined the well known musical African Footprint. She sang for Nelson Mandela and world leaders on Robben Island on the Eve of the Millennium.

As the lead singer for African Footprint, she sang and danced to standing ovations in the USA, China, Australia, Monte Carlo, Europe, Israel, India.

Another honour to her was whan she was asked to perform at the St. James Palace for the Duke of Edinburg World Fellowship 18th Anniversary Dinner. Since then she also got a contract to sing in another musical Africa Africa but in Zurich and Munich. After having met her husband the gallery owner Alexander E. Räber she settled down in Zurich where she soon started her own band and has since then been performing all around Switzerland promoting the 2010 World Cup. It was there where she was asked to sing more of the late LEGANT Miriam Makeba.

In 2011 the Tour in Israel with Idan Raichel and Phaza Morgana was another highlite.

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